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Unilever / Rexona

Unifying a deodorant giant in global brand refresh

Continuing our long-standing relationship with Rexona (‘Sure’ in the UK and ‘Degree’ in the US), Echo refreshed the packaging design for the anti-perspirant and deodorant leader, for both the UK and US markets. The mission: to help re-assert Rexona’s superior performance credentials.

The new look and feel was part of the overall strategy to celebrate the brand’s role in empowering customers to live active lives, whilst managing the complexities of creating a consistent yet flexible global brand across diverse markets.

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The Rexona Tick has always been one of the brand’s most distinctive assets and, as a potent symbol of efficacy, this gave Echo the opportunity to position this iconic equity at the very heart of the brand. The result is a design that immediately feels dynamic, confident, bold and heroic. Echo developed the brand’s core, which includes the Performance, Sensorial and Added Benefit ranges, ensuring the design solution delivered clear range and variant differentiation whilst retaining a consistent overall brand look and feel.