Dynamic Equilibrium for a start-up

Sea CBD oil is an all-natural food supplement made from 100% organic hemp to nourish and balance the mind and body.

Echo worked with the founders, whose background was in the yachting industry, to develop the brand strategy including positioning, personality and brand story. Building on their links to the ocean and the relaxing:invigorating duality of both the sea and the product, Echo created the identity and packaging design for Sea CBD. Beyond the core design Echo also developed the website look and feel, POS materials and TOV guidelines.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Packaging Design

Digital Design

Artwork Production


CaseStudy_SeaCBD4-example layout 3 seperate images included

In a fast-paced market, we’re really excited to be able to bring our product to market so quickly, and with a look that will not only stand out, but will also show people how CBD oil can improve their lives.

Claire Griffiths, Co-Founder