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Saving the world at snack time

Jellyfish are one of the few creatures responding well to climate change. As they proliferate, they’re devastating natural ecosystems and wreaking havoc for humans: capsizing fishing trawlers, clogging nuclear power plants, and washing up in their thousands on popular beaches. But looked at another way, this invasive species presents an abundant food source that is high in minerals and as low in calories as lettuce.

University of Southern Denmark has created a new technology that turns invasive jellyfish into crisps. As a speculative project, we’ve challenged ourselves to give them taste appeal – recognising that while Planet Positive Diets are trending, they’re often bland and boring.

User Observation

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Drawing inspiration from Japan (where Jellyfish have been on the menu for centuries) we’ve created a full flavoured brand story. Playing with scale, the jellyfish motif references Kaiju film art (think Godzilla) to create a looming threat to civilisation. Through this overly dramatic, tongue-in-cheek storytelling, we gamify the idea of eating an invasive species while dialling up the flavour notes. Taste Odyssey encourages people to channel their hanger and unite on the frontier of sustainable food!

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