Driving Recycled Plastic Adoption

For many brands wanting to be more sustainable, moving to recycled plastic packaging is the right thing to do, but without consumer understanding or support it won’t make a difference. Consumer engagement is essential to create a circular economy.

To develop a positive and mutually supportive relationship between the brand and consumer, as part of the Nudge Design approach, Echo explored how to build consumer awareness, understanding and ultimately support for recycled plastic using archetypes as powerful, creative platforms.

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Leveraging the power of the portfolio

For Evian and Volvic we created on-pack communication and striking bottle designs that cut through the green fatigue and positioned 100% rPET as the new premium.

Working with Hayat in Turkey, we addressed consumer rejection of recycled plastic, changing perceptions from unclean to pioneering with a new generation of influencers.


We benefited tremendously from working with ECHO on our recycled packaging strategy and how to turn that from a license to operate into an asset to ultimately drive brand love and growth. Their innovation approach was particularly useful: bringing in influencers and consumers to help us prototype and co-create in live sessions. The team is a pleasure to work with: as flexible and pragmatic as their innovation process; without losing focus on the endgame, out put driven and always passionate about building a better future for everyone.

Gabriela Hernandez Galindo, Global Sustainability Director Danone