Speculative Project / Leather Lane Market

Circular Street Food Packaging

Takeaway food packaging is often used and binned within 30 minutes, yet lasts hundreds of years. Working beside Leather Lane Market in the heart of London put this problem in plain view. Our favourite street food stalls were generating 250,000 disposable containers each year. Until COVID-19. Now, in this historic moment of pause, we have a chance to redesign the system and behaviour with a circular packaging solution.

Using our Nudge Design approach, we have created the framework for adoption. First, developing a lively brand identity as tribute to the vibrant vendors, aromatic cuisines, and upbeat atmosphere of Leather Lane Market. Second, designing the bowl to be an intrinsic part of that community and culture. This is our love letter to LLM. A vision to prime the market for a sustainable and successful return to trade.

Copywriting by Vivid Meaning


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