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Kleenex Packaging Re-design

By Dieline author Rudy Sanchez on 04/02/2020 | 2 minute read

We are delighted to have our latest work for Kleenex featured in this month’s issue of The Dieline.

We typically use many hygiene products reactively, using a tissue when we sneeze, washing our hands when we’ve dirtied them, or reaching for a wipe when we get extra grimy. A global pandemic has brought these background players in our lives to the fore, turning it into something proactive to mitigate the transmission of the coronavirus. In some cases, we are still motivated to slather our hands in sanitizer to prevent catching COVID-19, even though there’s still no amount of hand sanitizer that will kill it.

Editorial photograph

This significant change in the role of hygienic goods, however, inspires the new line of Kleenex products positioned as preventative items, protecting while providing a sense of control and confidence. The tissue peddler enlisted UK agency Echo to provide branding, graphic and packaging design, as well as artwork production for Kleenex Proactive.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The packaging features a soothing and calming green color palette set against white backgrounds. The graphics display two hands on either side of some kind of a barrier that comes in the form of a towel, a wipe, a droplet of sanitizer, or a mask. The hands are different colors, implying they came from two sets of folks and are also reminiscent of coming together, a sentiment we could all need more of during a pandemic, standing strong together, but socially distant and donned with masks.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Kleenex Proactive leverages the parent brand’s longstanding reputation for cleanliness as it adapts and repositions itself for a world that has humanity simultaneously defending and attacking our shared, viral foe.

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