News 14/03/2019 Imy Lenton

Echo Unveils Brand Identity for Organic Supplement Sea CBD

All-new food supplement start-up Sea CBD reveals its brand identity and packaging in partnership with Echo. Inspired by the calming and invigorating qualities of the sea, this design is a fresh direction for the fast-growing CBD oil market in the UK.

Founders Claire Griffiths and Jack Jackson met while working in the yachting industry, and Sea CBD is a brand imbued with the spirit of the ocean. It was Claire’s discovery of natural remedies that first set them on the journey.

“The main remedy that had a significant impact on my general wellbeing was CBD oil.” Claire says. “It genuinely changed my life, and we want to share it with other people. There are many people who could benefit from CBD oil but are put off by brands that are either functional without clear claims, or alternatively filled with clichéd images like marijuana leaves.”

They recognised the need to get professional help on brand creation and packaging design.

“Start-up brands need strong pack design to connect with consumers,” says Jack. “In a market maturing as fast as this they also need to be able to do it quickly. We chose Echo as our partner partly because they could do everything from start to finish to bring our idea to life, and partly because they got as excited as us about our idea.”


This is a bold, straightforward design. From the colour palette, with its earthy hues accentuating the sea-inspired blue and green tones, to the elegant yet clear and legible font, it is honest, direct and effective.

The on-pack copy tells readers exactly what the product does. It will also ensure compliance as and when regulation reaches the market. Most notably, a batch number means each bottle can be traced.

“The design echoes the dynamic equilibrium, not only of the sea but also of the product,” explains Christy Davies, Design Director at Echo. “Both relaxing and invigorating, there’s a real duality to CBD oil just as there is to the ocean. The colour we created is a result of hours spent researching the colours you find in icebergs and the deep ocean – we think it will really deliver category standout for this product.”

“If you look at the CBD oil market in the US it’s far more advanced than here, but the UK market is catching up,” concludes Claire. “We’re really excited to be able to bring our product to market so quickly, and with a look that will not only stand out, but will also show people how CBD oil can improve their lives – just as it has with ours.

Three versions of the oil are revealed today; 2.5% CBD, 4% CBD and 10% CBD – as you go up the range the signature sea-blue colour darkens. Sea CBD is available online initially, and these designs can be rolled out across an expanding product range.

Design Director: Christy Davies
Creative Director: Nigel Ritchie 
Account Director: Peter Cowie
Production & Realisation: Scott Hunter   
Designer: Jordan Allen