News 15/03/2018

ECHO partner with Michelin Lifestyle team

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership, working with brand icon MICHELIN, the worldwide leader in serving every mobility need.

Everywhere around the world, Michelin eqips everything on wheels, from automobiles and bicycles to space shuttles. With a visionary mission, Michelin innovates to contribute in a sustainable way to the progress of people and goods mobility. Rich in knowledge from the day the company was started, by brothers Edouard and Andre in 1889, Michelin produce uncompromising quality. The company is represented by Bibendum the Michelin Man, who was elected the ‘best brand symbol ever’ by the Financial Times and one of the 10 most famous brand icons in the world by Advertising Age.

Echo will work with the Michelin Lifestyle team to develop product design, branding and packaging solutions for its range of vehicle accessories that are worthy of one of the world’s greatest iconic brands and future innovators.