Insights 13/10/2020

Leather Lane Market: Brand Design for a Street Food Market with Soul


Copywriting by Clare Gallagher / Vivid Meaning

Our much-loved Leather Lane Market (LLM) was brought to an abrupt standstill by COVID-19 in March 2020. To show our appreciation for this zesty community of independent street-food heroes and help put the market back on the map, we’ve created a Leather Lane Market brand identity. This is our love letter to Leather Lane Market.

A warm-hearted welcome and the love of good food draw locals and office workers to this vibrant weekday market on Leather Lane. The spirited community of independent stall holders from all corners of the globe regularly delight our bellies with their delicious fare. Weaving through the bustling Leather Lane stalls promises a feast for the senses. Animated greetings and laughter mingle with the sound of sizzling dishes, smoky heat of charcoal, mouth-watering aroma of spices, and a vivid colour palette. Traditional family recipes passed down through generations fuse with contemporary culinary creations. How on earth to decide what to get today? Choosing what to treat yourself to is a challenge to celebrate, one that transports you on a mini faraway adventure during your lunchbreak.

Taking inspiration from the originality of the open-air market and its sense of spontaneity, our design team created this playful brandmark and lively pattern. A tribute to the vibrant vendors, aromatic cuisines, and upbeat atmosphere of LLM.

So customers can reconnect with their favourite market cooks, we’ve imagined a new website featuring stall-owner profiles, cooking videos, and trading hour updates. A varied and punchy palette reflects the array of colourful dishes and stalls to explore on Leather Lane.

The language and tone of voice bring across the pride the market cooks take in their creations, the feelgood atmosphere of the market, and the sense of being spirited away at lunchtime.

Lockdown wanderlust led us to create this nostalgic campaign for the reopening of the market. The idea of travelling with your tastebuds combines with vintage travel stamps to entice people back to the market. We wanted to use design to help rebuild that strong and inclusive sense of community at Leather Lane Market.

We’re excited to get back to Leather Lane Market, and hope that this spirited identity will help put it back on the map as the heart and soul of Holborn!