Design and innovation that we can all feel good about.

Product & Brand

In this defining decade, brands need to be credible and authentic. Product and brand need to unite to build belief through a seamless experience. Forging this link is central to Echo’s way of thinking and drives our approach to design and innovation.

Multidisciplinary Design

We are an integrated team of visual planners, identity, packaging, structural and product designers.  We bring insight, creativity and realisation together using the latest technology with time-honoured craft to create seamless brand experiences.

Specialist Innovation Services

Our approach to innovation creates a win-win-win. We design consumer benefits with baked-in sustainability that deliver commercial success.

Nudge Design

We unlock growth through sustainability by uniting Nudge Theory and Design Thinking. Using design and communication we change behaviours and engage people in the circular economy.

Future Visioning

We help you decide what to do next by planning where you want to be in the future. By designing a roadmap to a future legacy, we save time and money, reduce risk, and increase chances of repeated success.

Echo Stories